My Little Husky

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Hello and thank you for considering one of our puppies. This is a breakdown guide to some of the questions you may have on how to proceed with bringing a puppy home. If you think of any additional questions please let me know!

The first step!

The first step is deciding which puppy you are interested in taking home.
 Once you have made a decision,  we can move forward! 


One very important thing to remember, is that we cannot hold a puppy without a deposit. So if you find a puppy that you like, the first step would be to place a deposit on that puppy.

Deposits are nonrefundable, unless there is a problem with the puppy. If something happens on our end, the deposit would be completely refundable. If you change your mind, and decide that you no longer want the puppy for any reason, deposits are nonrefundable.

Deposits are $300.

Note: If you are getting the puppy shipped, the remaining balance is due the day that the puppy clears his or her vet check up. If you are picking up in person, the balance would be due at the time of pickup. 

Payment options:

Deposits are $300 and can be paid through PayPal, Zelle or Cash app. 

The full / remaining payment can be paid by cash or PayPal. 

We do not accept checks of any form. 


That way that we transport our puppies is with a Pet nanny. 

The way this works, is the pet nanny will fly to Florida and meet us at our airport.  We will hand the puppy off to the nanny,  and thwill the nanny  will fly with the puppy, in cabin, to you at your airport, and hand the puppy off to you. This service is currently $550. 


The food that we currently feed our puppies is Science Diet Small Paws Puppy food. We recommend buying a bag of this food and either keeping the puppy on the Science Diet and mix it in with the new food for a gradual transition. 

Vaccinations and health exam:

The puppy will go to the vet for a full physical, vaccinations and a fecal check before they leave us. The puppy will be certified by the Veterinarian to be in good health, and ready to go to their new home. 

The puppy will need 3 sets of vaccinations total. The first set of vaccinations, the puppy will receive from our vet at 8 weeks old. When the puppy turns 12 weeks, and 16 weeks old, they will need another booster by your veterinarian. 

What comes with the puppy :

We send every puppy home with :

A Florida Health Certificate 
A leash
A collar 
Food/water Bowls
A small bag of food

I hope this breakdown has answered a lot of your questions. And if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask :-)

                     My Little Husky Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee